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GOLD COAST: Your Perfect Spot

Published on: September 2, 2015

After spending a week in New South Wales, we headed to Gold Coast, Queensland  via land and it took us 12 hours of travel time. There are other options like tour bus, train and of course the most convenient choice: an airplane ride which will only take approximately an hour or two.


We actually experienced 2 different seasons in one country in 2 1/2 weeks! Talk about good timing, huh? Winter in Sydney and summer in Queensland.


I must say, you’ll never get bored in Gold Coast! Now I understand why this place is the perfect destination for spring break. There are almost 100 things to try in this paradise and sadly, one week is not enough to try them all, but here are few reasons why we still enjoyed our stay.


Hey There Beaches!

Surfer’s Paradise


BEACHES. Gold Coast is well known for its unique and alluring beaches, stretching from the southern end at Rainbow Bay to South Stradbroke Island in the north. About 21 beaches to choose from including one of their famous beach, the Surfer’s Paradise.


Water activities such as Jet Skiing and surfing are very common here, though surfing here is not in my bucketlist for the fear of, you know, possible shark attacks, but a walk and people watching in the Surfer’s Paradise is still enjoyable.


People at the beach

Sea World

After our stroll at the beach, we checked in at SeaWorld Resort and availed our seasonal passes.

The Season Pass


I thought I wouldn’t enjoy SeaWorld because, hello! I’m an adult now! But the moment I saw some Nickelodeon characters, can’t help but shriek out of excitement. I’m like a 9 year old kid running around just to get a glimpse of the characters walking around the resort.  I was as excited as my nephews and nieces. Hey, you just can’t kick the inner kid out in you! But other than that, there are other attractions in the resort, like rides, museums, live animals and shows that any age would enjoy.


Kids playing and dancing during the light and watershow



“If something chases you, run!”


“Inside the Dinosaur Island Museum”


“Dino skull”









“Sister and nieces with Sandy from SpongeBob SquarePants”


“Dora’s Best Friends Adventure”



Movie World

We spent our third day in Movie World, a Warner Brother movie related theme park. The park contains different movie-themed rides and attractions, parade shows and costumed character performers.






“Batwing Spaceshot”


“Superman Escape”


“Green Lantern Ride”






“People waiting for the show”


Since we went there in summer, the park, as expected, was crowded. Spent most of my time waiting in line for a 30-second to 1 minute ride, but heck, it was worth it! I missed most of the show for prioritizing the rides, nevertheless, I really, really, enjoyed my day. I even went back the next day to try their 3 big coasters before heading to Wet N’ Wild.


Wet N’ Wild


For our fourth day, we spent it in Wet N’ Wild. A perfect way to cap off our trip in Gold Coast. Beat off the heat by trying out their extreme gigantic slides. But like I’ve said, IT. WAS. SUMMER, hence, the long lines. One of the most unforgettable slides I tried was the Aqualoop, I tried it twice but I don’t think I would be brave enough to try it again for third.  The almost 90 degrees drop scared the shit out of me. Wasn’t able to take photos because, well, I was busy enjoying our last day in Gold Coast before heading back to Sydney. Here’s a video of Aqualoop from the Youtube channel, lastminute.com.au.



Photos taken: September 2013





2 responses to “GOLD COAST: Your Perfect Spot”

  1. Lucy Frank says:

    I’m actually from the Gold Coast – love it!

    • Pennyplanes Pennyplanes says:

      Hi Lucy! Hope I got everything in order. Glad you loved it! Hope to meet you when I go back to Australia!

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