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S. Korea: The Awesome Namiseom

Published on: February 07, 2016

Riots of colors


Also known as Nami Island, it is located at Chuncheon, South Korea and is very well known for its long lined Metasequoia trees. The island is a half-moon shaped and is man-made, created in 1944 named after General Nami. Aside from its famous trees, Nami was also made popular by the Korean drama “Winter Sonata”.


An hour and a half away from Seoul, Nami is accessible from Gapyeong Station and from there, you can take a taxi to the ferry wharf. Once you get in the wharf, you can proceed straight to the ticketing booth to avail your “Entry Visa” for KRW 8, 000 per person. It includes the entrance fee and the ferry ride to and from Nami Island. Make sure to bring your passport with you as they check it before you board the ferry.


At the Ferry Wharf


We visited Nami during fall, sadly, the leaves at Metasequoia Lane already fell… we were just a few days late! Nevertheless, the place is still picturesque. The cold weather and strong winds made it a bit difficult for us to walk around, good thing there are bonfires scattered throughout the island to keep us warm.


At Metasequoia Lane




Bright red







Nami is a romantic place, might as well take a cheesy photo.


We are truly, deeply sorry for the cheesiness. hehe


Even though we only went to Nami Island during fall, I personally believe that the island is worth to visit in any season because each season offers different colors, feel and experience. Spring season is well known for Cherry blossoms; summer season is the time for bright green trees and cool shades; fall season is the time for colorful trees; and winter season becomes nothing but a white wonderland.


Don’t worry about what to bring in the island. There are various restaurants around that offers reasonable price or you may opt to bring your packed food and eat underneath the trees.


While waiting for our lunch


Just make sure when making your itinerary, check first the ferry schedule and spare at least half of your day in this island if you want to make the most out of it.



Photos taken: November 2014





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